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Local Organizing Committee

● The Shanghai Dental Association (SDA)

The Shanghai Dental Association (SDA) is an academic voluntary organization formed by stomatological science technicians and dentists. As a nonprofit organization, we work as a bridge that links the government with science and technology professionals in stomatology, to serve the public by advancing the art and science of dentistry, popularizing oral medicine knowledge and promoting oral health.

● Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital

Shanghai Ninth People’s Hospital, formerly called Bethel Hospital, was established in 1920, and has a glorious history of near 90 years. Now, it has been developed into a comprehensive medical institution featuring stomatology, plastic surgery and orthopedics. It conducts teaching and research while providing medical treatment.
In the past decade, the hospital has made brilliant achievements in clinics, education as well as scientific research. It has acquired good reputation both at home and abroad.

Attendees from mainland China register from the Chinese system.
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