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La Rural, Predio Ferial De Buenos Aires

A unique and exclusive site thanks to its strategic location, to its flexibility in offering various formats and sizes and to its infrastructure, specially designed to facilitate the logistics of Congresses, Conventions, Meetings and Events. Know-How: A professional team specialized in organising and holding Conventions and Corporate Events. Services: Managing a world-class selection of suppliers who are highly specialized in conventions and corporate events guarantees service efficacy and excellence. Compliant: Although the venue offers suppliers within their premises, it is not mandatory to work with any of them and is possible for the organizer to bring their own suppliers. Historic & Cultural Icon: Founded back in 1878 when the 3rd Rural Expo was held. Today, with its 130th edition, it is the oldest fair in Latin America. Numbers: La Rural hosts around 70 congresses, 130 corporate events and more than 40 exhibitions, adding up to 4 million visitors per year
Congress Secretariat
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Istanbul, Turkey
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